This is a year-round operation where we are ready to provide you with a reliable service.
Hala is located in the new industrial zone of Zadar, just 4 km from the famous Dalmatian marina in Sukošan.

You will surely appreciate the advantage of having a boat washed with fresh water, dry before winter and save it in a video surveillance and alarm system.
All services must be arranged in advance by phone or mail.

Protection of the boat with foil and thermal treatment

This is a conservation of the ship, which is protected against all weather influences, snow, ice, rain and UV rays. By protecting the boat this way, any damage can be canceled that can occur outside of the seagoing season. Ships are protected with shrik wrap procedure, foil is stretched over entire ship through the thermal processing, thus completely preventing the entry of wind, rain and snow under the foil, providing a long and safe protection of your boat from off the seagoing season..

Boat maintenance

We carry out a boat maintenance service so your boats are ready for the season. All users are provided with electricity, water, mini-washing machine,.


The landfill of the boat is fully enclosed by a high fence and equipped with a security camera with the possibility of live display via a computer or smartphone.


Along with the storage we also offer a boat transport service to the nearest desired location.


All facilities are secured by an appropriate insurance policy.

We provide customers with the services of complete boat maintenance, we are able to arrange appropriate transportation, service, repair. We are available 24 hours a day.

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