Our store is fully equipped with newest technology and newest equipment so that we can correctly diagnose and service your ship.

Our knowledge and skills are recognizable as a symbol of the quality relationship between you and your vessel.
The hit offer of our company is a contract for the maintenance of a vessel that gives you ability to pay less as you get more services


We can build in everything you buy from us.

Our nautical equipment shop is also part of our company where you can find everything you need for your water pet, and what you can not find can be ordered.

Nautic d.o.o. is a company that offers
complete service and maintenance of ships, as well as specialized repairs:

  • plasticisation of damaged parts

  • service, maintenance, repairs and repairs of the enginea

  • repairs of damage to woodworks, interiors, carpentry

  • metal ship repairs

  • electrical work

  • installation and maintenance of electronic equipment

  • antifouling i gel coat reparature

  • washing and polishing of the boat

  • moisturizing and reparation of the osmosis - antiosmosis

  • installation of equipment and modifications on ships at the order of the customer

Come or call and see our quality. To the disgruntled parties, we guarantee a full refund. Call with confidence and our team will find a solution to your problem and will meet you in the shortest time possible.

Thank you for your trust ,
Nautic d.o.o. team

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